Demo Videos and User Guides

The Management Agency team has recorded step by step videos and created written guides to help beekeepers with the basics of HiveHub.

HiveHub is simple enough to ‘give it a go’, but if you’re short on time these guides will get you going quickly!

Existing beekeepers will have received a login link via email. Use that link to access HiveHub for the first time. It’s a unique link that will provide access to your information.


Click the expand button in the bottom right of the video to go into full screen. Then Click again to start the video.
When in full-screen view press Esc to come back.

HiveHub Quick
Start Guide

How to Use the Map on HiveHub

How to Notify a
Case of AFB

How to Fix the GPS co-ordinates for your Apiary

How to Register
an Apiary

How to De-Register an Apiary

How to complete a Colony Return

How to complete an Annual Disease Return

How to view your Levy Invoice

How to generate a paper based COI

How to complete an inspection

How to set up an online inspection

How to use the Hive Hub Phone App

User Guides

Quick Start Guide

How do I
Register an Apiary?

How do I
Notify a Case of AFB?

How do I
Use the Map?

How do I
De-Register an Apiary?

How do I Fix
My GPS Co-ordinates?

How do I Complete
a Colony Return?

How do I Complete an
Annual Disease Return?

How do I View
my Levy Invoice?

How do I use the Hive Hub Phone App?

Hive Hub Phone App