AFB Refresher Courses

If you wish to take a 2 hour AFB refresher course (with no test), please register for the following locations.  Please submit your registration below to secure your place.  If there is not a refresher available in your region, you would be welcome to attend the full course (but not sit the test) and treat that as a refresher.  A list of full courses can be found here.

If you have any queries relating to these courses please contact Janette Gwilliam at [email protected]

2024 AFB Recognition Refresher Courses

PALMERSTON NORTH – 27 July, 9am – Crossroads – Church Street – Palmerston North

CHRISTCHURCH – 31 August, 9am – NTA McLeans Island Campus – 890 McLeans Island Road – McLeans Island

NORTHCOTE – 7 September, 9am – Northcote War Memorial Hall – 2 Rodney Road – Northcote Point

If you would like to attend a classroom refresher but your location is not included above, we recommend you join a full course as a refresher.

Register via this link :



    There is a $30 charge to attend an AFB Recognition Refresher Course.

    Please use the course location and your name as a reference and make your $30 payment to:
    AFB PMP Management Board
    ANZ Bank
    (We are not able to offer an online payment service via our website. You must make payment via your own bank)

    AFB Quiz
    Take the AFB 5 minute quiz

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    AFB Videos

    Our videos cover everything from your legal obligations to how to recognise AFB, collecting cell and bee samples and more.

    AFB Symptoms

    There’s a lot of good information here, telling you everything you need to know about recognising AFB: the visual symptoms, smell of AFB and more.

    AFB Inspection and Diagnosis
    Inspection and Diagnosis

    Successfully eliminate AFB by telling the difference between symptoms of AFB and other brood diseases in the hive. We tell you the best methods for inspecting your hives.

    AFB Law
    The Law

    New Zealand beekeepers have a number of legal obligations that must be met regarding AFB disease. Read the shortened list in summary, here.

    AFB Elimination

    Most hives become infected because bees, honey or equipment have been put into a hive from another hive that is infected with AFB. Lower your chances of an  AFB infection by reading this section.

    AFB Course Info
    AFB Recognition Course Info

    Find out when the next AFB Recognition and Competency Courses, or Refresher Courses are available. These are held throughout the year in various New Zealand locations across the South Island and North Island.

    AFB App
    The AFB App

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