Proposal for the American Foulbrood Beekeeper Levy for 2023/24 to remain the same

Proposal for rate of levy for the 2023-24 levy year

The Management Agency is now consulting on its budget for the 2023/24 levy year.

The Management Agency has considered the cost of the levy to beekeepers, the value of taking additional time to bed-in recent improvements to the implementation of the National American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan (AFB PMP) and the current review of the AFB PMP when proposing the rate of levy.

The Management Agency is proposing that the rate of levy for the 2023/24 levy year should remain the same at:

  • $40 ($46 including GST) per beekeeper, and
  • $1.70 ($1.96 including GST) per colony

We understand it is a challenging environment for many beekeepers and as with earlier advice, if you find yourself facing financial hardship please get in touch sooner rather than later. The Management Agency forecasts that levy revenue for 2023/24 will fall by $129,000 reflecting a forecast decline in the number of registered beekeepers and colonies. The Management Agency proposes to offset the reduced levy revenue by reducing expenditure by $97,000.

The Management Agency will continue to provide beekeepers with the same standard of AFB elimination services as currently provided. Expenditure on the review of the AFB PMP will reduce by $90,000 as this project will be completed in 2022/23.

Have your say on the AFB Budget Proposal

Key Dates:

  • Consultation (survey) closes: 5pm Sunday 9 October 2022
  • The Management Agency Board notifies decision: December 2022
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