AFB Recognition Courses

We are providing non-DECA holders with the opportunity to attend an AFB Recognition course and pass the test as a pre requisite for applying for a Disease Elimination Conformity Agreement (DECA).

DECA holders agree to implement practices and procedures sufficient to eliminate AFB from their beehives and no longer need to submit a Certificate of Inspection.  Please be aware that the DECA will only be approved once you have done the required steps to obtaining your DECA as outlined in the process, please CLICK HERE

All correspondence relating to AFB recognition course training (with test) and refresher training (with no test) should be directed to Janette Gwilliam, contact details are or phone 0800 232 767 and choose option 4.

For more information about our AFB refresher courses – CLICK HERE

And information regarding taking the AFB Recognition Course test via Proctor – CLICK HERE.

The AFB Test is now available in Maori, Korean, Filipino and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese). Please advise Janette if you require the above to be sent to the trainer for your course.


If you are planning on attending an AFB Recognition Course it is strongly recommended that you purchase and study a copy of the book titled “Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the Use of Drugs” commonly referred to as the yellow book. This worthwhile publication can be obtained from:

Course Information

Most courses run from 9am – to approx. 3pm. There is a break for lunch then completion of the course and test in the afternoon.  Applicants must bring their own lunch and any drinks they will require for the day. To register for the courses, please complete the application form at the bottom of this website and immediately make your payment to the bank details listed to secure your place. You will receive a receipt of your payment which will secure your place on this course as well as outline some tips to help prepare for the test.

Courses cost $100 per person are limited to 25 paid participants – the course will be listed as full once this has been reached.

Should beekeepers who fall outside of the regions mentioned require a course(s), given there is reasonable support, we will do our best to organise additional courses. Please email Janette Gwilliam at with your location details.

Please complete the registration form to submit your application.

This list will be updated as more courses are confirmed.
Our online AFB Recognition Course (plus test) is being developed and will be available mid 2022.  We will advise all beekeepers when it is ready to accept registrations.

PALMERSTON NORTH – Saturday 8 October, 9am – Crossroads – Church Street – Palmerston North

DUNEDIN – Saturday 15 October, 9am – All Saints Church – 786 Cumberland Street – Dunedin 9016

CHRISTCHURCH – Saturday 29 October, 9am – National Trade Academy – McLeans Island Road

ASHBURTON – Saturday 5 November, 9am – 8 Stamford Lane – Ashburton

NEW PLYMOUTH – Sunday 6 November, 9am – Brougham Heights Motel Conference Room – 54 Brougham Street

LOWER HUTT – Saturday 12 November, 10:30am – 4:30pm – The Dowse Art Museum – Laings Road

HASTINGS – Sunday 13 November, 9am – LBT Centre – Warren Street – Hastings

AFB recognition and competency test application form


    If YES, please be aware that you will be required to stay for the duration of the course but are welcome to leave before the test at the end. Refresher courses cost $30 per person.


    The AFB Test is now available in Maori, Korean, Filipino and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese). Please advise Janette if you require the above to be sent to the trainer for your course.


    If yes, you would be welcome to bring along a person to act as a reader for you. Please advise if you will be doing this.



    Please make immediate payment to the bank details below of $100 to secure your place on this course (or $30 if attending as a refresher).

    Please use the course location and your name as a reference and make your payment to:
    AFB PMP Management Board
    ANZ Bank
    (We are not able to offer an online payment service via our website. You must make payment via your own bank)

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    Find out when the next AFB Recognition and Competency Courses, or Refresher Courses are available. These are held throughout the year in various New Zealand locations across the South Island and North Island.

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