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December Newsletter
December 1, 2016
AFB Refresher Clarification
March 2, 2017

5 Year Plan Update

Beekeepers, please accept a big thank you from the AFB PMP Management Board for joining us in the process of developing a 5-year plan/strategy for the eradication of American foulbrood in New Zealand.

Submissions on the first draft of the 5-year plan/strategy have been generally very favourable. Some beekeepers have raised matters and ideas which have not been identified to date, while others provided significant amounts of technical detail.

We have compiled the submissions and are identifying how we can best work through them with our strategic partners, MPI and AsureQuality, as the next step.

Your submissions on the first draft of the 5-year plan/strategy have raised a lot of good points. We are committed to eradication of AFB and have found that most beekeepers support this goal……..